Grinding Machine Reconditioning

Full or Partial re-manufacturing service

A Full or Partial re-manufacturing service is available for your machine, or a machine supplied by us. Andmar re-manufactures Jones & Shipman precision grinding machines to the manufacturer's original tolerances and specifications.



Grinding Machine Reconditioning
Before any work is undertaken, Andmar carries out an extensive and thorough examination of the machine. The re-manufacturing process is constantly monitored, to maintain Andmar's stringent quality control standards.

Andmar's commitment to re-manufacture goes much deeper than the highly finished exterior. There is no compromise over the question of replacing any necessary parts. All Grinding machines re-manufactured by Andmar have a working life at least equal to that of a newly purchased piece of equipment.

Partial Remanufacture
As with a total re-manufacture, Andmar will carry out an extensive and thorough examination of the machine with the emphasis on certain elements that are important to you.

A full report is written for you before any work is undertaken.

Many satisfied customers have used the company's partial re-manufacture and alignment services, whether it is your own machine or one supplied by us. Please contact us anytime to discuss your requirements.
Grinding Machine Reconditioning
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