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Custom Made Machines

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Designing Custom Made Grinding Machines

Andmar are able to offer expertise in the field of NC & CNC controlled, ball screw driven machinery to suit any specific application that you may have.

We can design and manufacture a machine tailor made to your particular requirements and your most awkward grinding and work handling needs, or Retro-fit or update your existing grinding machine using the latest technology.

Customer Confidence

Our team works constantly with the customer throughout the process, from initial concept, machine design, build, to installation and continuing on-going backup and service.

Whatever your application, please contact us we will be happy to discuss your technical requirements.

Custom Made Grinding Machines Examples

Customer 1
The Brief

We were approached by a Medical Company producing .3mm dia needles, they wanted to grind a quantity of 200 at a time, with a main bevel point of exactly 82 degrees, and a secondary angle of 78 degrees, with a pencil point on the other end.

Andmar Solution

We used a 20 year old Jones & Shipman series 10, totally gutted the machine and used only the basic carcass and wheelhead. We then added new ball screws powered by Fanuc motors and drives, we built a special tilting fixture again powered by Two Fanuc motors which not only tilted to give us the angles required but also rolled the needles backwards and forwards to grind the point.

Customer 2
The Brief

This customer wanted to update their existing manual machine to CNC. Their application was to cut glass slices from a tube which needed to be parallell and accurate in thickness.

Andmar Solution

We gutted their existing machine, ground all slideways and replaced all internal items with ball screws and servo drives. A new Fanuc CNC control was fitted and programmed for all operations.

Customer 3
The Brief

To retrofit customers existing machine to produce components faster with more accurate repeatability.

Andmar Solution

Their WMW Internal grinder was completely dismantled and all hydraulic parts discarded and replaced with ball screws and servo drives giving the machine thermal stability. A new Fanuc CNC control system fitted with programmed cycles.

Customer 4
The Brief

Our customer required several machines to grind the internal bore of minature collets used for drilling in the production of printed circuit boards. The collet and drill rotates at 500,000 rpm so concentricity is vital, an off the shelf machine was not available.

Andmar Solution

We took an old Jones & Shipman Model 1070 machine and replaced all internal components with ball screws and servo drives, a new CNC control was fitted and programmed to the customers needs. A special swiveling workhead was designed to grind both parallel and tapered bores.

Customer 5
The Brief

This customers requirements was to grind quartz cylinders of 600mm diameter, they also wanted to grind a series of slots along the front face.

Andmar Solution

We took a Studer CNC cylindrical grinder and raised the centre height. We then fitted a precision internal spindle at right angles to the wheelhead to grind the slots. The machine was fitted with a Fanuc CNC system and programmed to grind the diameter and slots in one continuous operation.

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