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Amada Surface and Profile CNC Grinding Machines

Amada produce a range of high-speed, high-accuracy CNC Surface Grinders and Profile Grinders making grinding faster and more efficient, delivering greatly enhanced precision and productivity.

Amada DV1. Optical Profile CNC Grinding Machine

DV1 - has been the winner of major machine tool innovation awards, a punch and form tool grinder with CCD camera is based on the principle of optical profile grinding

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Amada DV7M. Multifunction Profile CNC Grinding Machine

The New DV7M - developed as a result of the acquisition of Profiltec (PeTewe & Doedeli), a multi-function profile grinding machine which is built using the extensive design team from both Japan and Europe. 

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Techster D3. Surface And Profile CNC Surface Grinding

Techster D3 - fast, rigid and high accuracy surface and profile grinder for larger parts. 

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Meister G3. Surface and Profile CNC Surface Grinding Machine

Meister G3 - universal surface and profile grinder for high speed ultra-precision grinding of small parts. 

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Amada GLS-5T. Optical Profile CNC Grinding Machine

GLS-5T - optical profile grinder with large high resolution projector screen for ultra-precision grinding of forms, tools, punches with full operator control from manual, automatic and full CMC with achievable accuracies of 1μm. 

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